Frequently Asked Questions

Legacy Express Wash is here to help!

Are you a franchise?
No, we are locally owned and family operated. Our team has over 25 years of Express Car Wash experience.
Do you wash double-axle trucks?
Legacy Express Wash tunnel can service vehicles up to 7’2” tall and up to 8’ wide. Our easy loading conveyor system can accommodate double-axle trucks (duallys) and tires up to 16” wide.
Are the vacuums, rug beaters, and one-touch digital air machine at Legacy Express Wash free?
Yes, our self-service vacuums, rug beaters, and one-touch digital air machine are complimentary and are available during business hours.
Do you offer interior detailing?
We do not currently offer interior detailing; however, we do have a vending machine with a variety of vehicle care products including microfiber towels, cleaners, polishes, protectants, and air-fresheners.
Why use Ceramic Coating?

Longer-Lasting Shine

Self-Cleaning Properties

Resistant to Bugs and Bird Droppings

Advanced 3-Step Layering Process

Do you close on bad weather days?

The weather in Nebraska is always changing. We know you take pride in your clean vehicle, so we will be here to help keep it clean. Extreme weather conditions may merit closure for the safety of our team. Otherwise, we are open and ready to serve you!

Will my windshield crack in extreme temperatures?

The drying process will decrease the likelihood of EXISTING chips and cracks from expanding. Our drying process includes a “Buff & Shine” soft-cloth wipe down (available with The Legacy and Platinum Packages) and 12 powerful drying fans. This is supported by 3 high-intensity heaters to ensure that your vehicle is dry when you leave the tunnel.

How do I sign up for a Club Membership?

Visit us at the wash or easily sign up here on our website!

When will I be billed for my Club Membership?

You will be billed the day that you sign up for the Unlimited Club. We will continue to auto-draft the payment each month.

What happens if I get a new license plate or a new vehicle?

Please contact the wash and we would be happy to assist you.

Can I use my Club Membership on more than one vehicle?

You can only use your Club Membership on the vehicle that it was purchased for, but you can easily add plans to your other vehicles. Click to view our Family Plans.

How do I cancel my Club Membership?

We will miss you, but we understand that sometimes it is necessary to cancel your membership. If that is the case, you can contact the wash and we will be happy to assist you.

What happens when I cancel my Club Membership?

You will no longer be charged after the current pay period. In order to avoid being charged for one additional month the cancelation must be completed 7 days prior to the billing date.